Areas of practice

We work in all main areas of law

Civil law

Contractual Law

  • Drawing up agreements (purchase-sale agreements, gift agreements, exchange agreements, rent agreements, and others)
  • Claiming compensations for damages (traffic accidents, work accidents, sport accidents, etc.)
  • Lodging of claims for material/legal faults (in enterprise, construction, sales agreements)
  • Advising on insurance policies
  • Representing in insurance cases

Inheritance Law

  • Advising and representing in inheritance proceedings (statutory heirs, inheritance by testament)
  • Advising on transfer of property to heirs (inheritance contract, contract on live long support, life care contract, delivery contract, gift contract)
  • Advising and drawing up (amending, revoking) wills and their storage
  • Representing in probate hearing before courts

Family Law

  • Regulating relationships between spouses and partners (preparing pre-marriage contract, contract on property relationships between spouses)
  • Advising and representing in divorce proceedings and termination of partnership (mutually agreed, through courts)
  • Advising and representing in matters involving children after divorce, alimony, contacts)
  • Advising and representing in custody proceedings
  • Advising and representing in division of joint property proceedings

Debt Collection, Enforcement Proceedings, Injunctions

  • Due diligence review of debtor solvency
  • Debtor collection notices prior to court proceedings
  • Representing in enforcement and other court proceedings for debt collection
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