Personal data protection

  • We will never abuse your personal information in any way.
  • We will never send your contact and personal information to third parties unless required by law.
  • We will never send you spam email.
  • You can cancel receiving our emails at any time.

Collecting and processing of personal information

Personal information is information which identifies you: your name and surname, email address and postal address. Our website does not collect your personal information except if you make this possible when requesting our services, or when you send an inquiry or when you subscribe to our e-news. Your information is stored while working together or intending to work together.

Use for personal information for advertising

When you expressly agree your personal information can be used for advertising and marketing purposes we will keep your information and use it for these purposes only, such as sending news, promotions, informing of updates and use of information you had provided to improve our advertising and marketing services.

Withdrawal of consent

You may fully or partially withdraw your consent for further use of your personal information at any time. We will delete your information in 30 days after receiving your withdrawal of consent. Please send your withdrawal of consent to:


or by post to: Odvetniška družba Velkaverh, Štravs, Podgornik o.p., d.o.o., Ferrarska ulica 12, 6000 Koper

The right to be informed on storing your information

We will notify you what personal information about you we keep and for what purpose upon your request, sent to above listed addresses.

Link to other websites

Our website contains links to other websites to which our statement on protecting your personal information does not apply. When you leave our website read a statement on personal data protection on the website you are visiting.

As a user

I hereby consent my personal information can be used and confirm I am notified of general terms and conditions, understand them and accept them.

Explanation on using web cookies

A cookie is a short text which the website visited sends to a browser. This allows a website to remember your user settings (such as selected language), making it easier using the website when you visit again. Cookies make browsing online easier and faster and simpler for the user. Most websites use cookies.
Details description can be read here.

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