Areas of practice

We work in all main areas of law

Transport, freight forwarding, maritime and customs law

Transport and Freight Forwarding Law

  • Advising forwarders in all types of transport (road, rail, sea, air, multimodal)
  • Representing transporters and forwarders in client-insurance matters
  • Representing insurance companies in transport/forwarder damage claims
  • Advising and representing other parties in transport damage claims
  • Enforcing liens on goods for transporters and forwarders (including seizure of goods, public auction sale of goods)
  • Preparing transport, forwarder, storage agreements and therewith related operation terms and conditions
  • Advising on driver insurance
  • Advising on driver working hours (rest, tachographs), dangerous transport of goods, insurance (cargo, CMR, etc.)
  • Collecting unpaid transport fees
  • Providing access to law firms specializing in transport law across Europe and through ALTO network of European experts for transport law

Maritime Law

  • Advising and representing in trade agreements at sea, transport of goods, maritime insurance, average, vessel leasing and regulating property right on boats and other vessels
  • Advising on maritime agency
  • Advising on port services
  • Ship arrest
  • Providing access to law firms specializing in maritime law across Europe and through European experts’ partnerships

Customs Law

  • Representing clients before customs authorities and the administrative court
  • Advising and drawing up all types of customs transactions (AEO, custom tariff determination, binding tariff information, origin of goods, transit proceedings, release of goods into free circulation, 42 proceedings, customs storage, anti-dumping, etc.)
  • Advising and representing in seizure/destruction of goods in intellectual property infringement matters
  • Providing access to law firms across Europe and through network of European experts for customs law (ECCN)
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